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For week ended Sep 5, 1999 Posted 5Sep1999
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A shining moment for the Mormon community

Hundreds of spectators watched on Wednesday, September 1st as a statue of the Angel Moroni was placed on its spire on top of the new Raleigh NC Temple. The seven foot statue is made of fiberglass covered in gold leaf.

Young Missionary Musters the Strength for His Leap of Faith

Steven Davis got his mission call to Buenos Aires, left his San Fernando Vally home, traveled to the MTC in Provo, and made the requisite call to his family from the SLC airport before flying to South America. Nothing really newsworthy as far as Mormon families go. But his entire experience, from splits with the missionaries before going into the MTC, what he can pack in his bags, an interview with a family taking the discussions, to his prospects for marriage with good Mormon girl upon his return, are all documented in this LA Times article.

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