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For week ended Sep 5, 1999 Posted 5Sep1999
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Sports News

BYU advances into Football Top 25 (NCAA Football: Top 25)

BYU's football team has advanced to number 22 in the AP poll of the top 25 teams in college football following the first weekend of play. However, the cougars advanced only because of losses by other teams in the top 25 -- the Cougars did not play this past weekend.

Tate still waiting on Peterson (Flurry of activity on final cut day)

On the final day before the NFL's cut-off for team personnel changes, LDS football star John Tait had still not signed a contract, and may face waiting until next spring and going through the NFL's draft again.

LDS 1st Round Draft Pick walks away from Intimidation and Profanity (Tait, agents leave KC after talks break down)

The continuing saga of LDS football player John Tait took a vicious left-turn Tuesday after a meeting in which Kansas City Chiefs President Carl Petersen launched a profanity-laced tirade at Tait, in an apparent attempt to intimidate Tait into signing a deal more favorable to the Chiefs. Rather than give-in, Tait and his agent walked out of the meeting, leaving a $4 million deal on the table.

Utah coach doesn't like NCAA calculations and USA Today reporting

Hoping to accentuate academic performance standards among student athletes, the NCAA has offered a proposal that would tie the number of allowable men's basketball scholarships to each program's graduation rate.

IOC Official's Son Is Indicted In N.Y. and Utah

The son of one of the most influential members of the International Olympic Committee has been indicted by Federal grand juries in both Utah and New York. Jung Hoon "John" Kim is accused of immigration fraud in connection with a job allegedly provided him by LDS Church member Tom Welch, who was President of the Salt Lake Olympic Committee at the time, in an attempt by Welch to get Kim's father to use his influence in favor of the selection of Salt Lake City for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

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