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For week ended Sep 5, 1999 Posted 5Sep99
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Big Losses Prompt Talk Of Selling ZCMI

After losses of almost $8.5 million last year, ZCMI may be for sale. The company, which is 51 percent owned by the LDS Church, has been struggling to return to profitability, and, says Chief Financial Officer Keith Saunders, "We are just looking at alternatives now -- all strategic alternatives."

ZCMI Patrons: Some Things Cash Can't Measure

With ZCMI on the auction block, current Salt Lake area patrons are left bewildered and wondering what will happen to their beloved department store. First it was the beloved Hotel Utah and now this. Who will buy it, and what changes will they make to the amenities that they have come to love and expect.

LDS Church-owned Radio Station air's childbirth (Havin'My Baby)

A Bonneville Communications radio station in Washington DC broadcast live the labor and birth of a child to morning radio host Janet Elliott on Tuesday, August 31st. Over the past nine month's Elliott has worked her pregnancy in to the Top 40 station's regular morning broadcasts, keeping listener's up-to-date with everything from doctor's appointments to her bouts with morning sickness. yields $33.2 million in financing

Genealogical data company completed a $33.2 million second round of financing Monday, funds that Ancestry will use to strengthen its online services. The company has 1,700 searchable databases available on the World Wide Web, providing information on 276 million individuals to 90,000 subscribers.

Utah Hispanic businesses often Mormon (Emerging Minority Businesses)

A recent survey of Hispanic businesses in Utah by George Iber for the Utah Business and Economic Review shows that these businesses are predominantly run by married foreign-born males who converted to the LDS Church before immigrating to Utah.

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